Thursday, September 8, 2011

A Self-Made Success

Tynicka Battle is a good example of somebody that is a self-made success. As CEO and founder of Think Tank Digital, a digital media agency, Tynicka Battle has worked her way to the upper echelon of the business world through hard work and persistence. I know how hard it can be for one to be motivated and stay motivated in the face of economic and career uncertainty. There have been times where I wondered if what I was doing at the present time would eventually lead to bigger and better things that would ultimately be more rewarding. Following the model used by Tynicka Battle, those interested in running their own business can begin to do so by utilizing some of the forms of new media, particularly ones geared toward social media, as a method to get their business off the ground.

By starting off small and focusing on immediate and necessary tasks, Tynicka Battle was able to expand Think Tank Digital into a larger company that specialized in other areas such as public relations and promotions, in addition to social media. Battle attributes her success to her perseverance, because not many African Americans, let alone, women were in her position, and she was determined not to give up in the face of adversity. Another reason for the success of Think Tank Digital is that it does not limit it’s scope or services to just the African American market. Think Tank Digital has effectively branched out to service and represent clientele of different demographics. This is a key element for any business. The ability to market to various audiences and not limit herself to the African American demographic has proved beneficial for her business. I like the fact that Tynicka Battle stayed committed to accomplish her dream not let external factors stand in her way of achieving them

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