Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Keep Pressing On

With the many hardships people are facing in the current economy it can be especially difficult for them, particularly young people, to start up and run a business. Even established companies are dealing with tough times economically. In light of this unfortunate reality, the Small Business Administration and similar organizations are conducting initiatives and think tanks specifically geared for young entrepreneurs to gain an understanding of what is needed to sustain their small business. Going into business for oneself is nothing new, but many seasoned professionals and entrepreneurs suggest that instead of young people interested in getting a job by working for someone else, they should strongly consider the idea of becoming an entrepreneur and being their own boss. By young people creating jobs for themselves, they will also be creating more jobs in the economy because there are so many young people that are ready and willing to enter the workforce. Small Business Administration Deputy Administrator Marie Johns is a staunch proponent for young professionals doing such a thing. She and others believe that young people going into business for themselves can possibly play a role in reversing the economic downturn. At an event for young professionals that the Small Business Administration hosted, there were a number of young professionals that provided sound financial advice and other important information to aspiring young professionals.

Having a business of my own is something that I hope to accomplish one day. The realities people are facing can be at times downright depressing. A little motivation is needed to press on and continue in the face of bad times and this is a motivating factor. Hearing about their individual successes only provides me with more inspiration and determination to make it big and be financially successful so that I may in turn, impart some knowledge, wisdom, and advice to the next batch of up and coming young, urban professionals.

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