Thursday, April 19, 2012

An Urban Professional's Dream Realized

DeAnna Davidson is more than an urban professional; she is president and chief executive officer of her own company- Tracen Technologies. As the head of her company, she knows what it takes to run a successful operation that has been going strong for over a decade now. I think it is important for people interested in becoming entrepreneurs to study examples of good business leaders and analyze how they achieved their success. DeAnna Davidson is a good case study for any aspiring entrepreneur to look at. She, through years of schooling and relevant job experiences, established a business that was truly a passion of hers.

Davidson’s love for what she does began when she was a teenager about to enter high school. This is the around the time when she discovered the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. Attending the school she gained the knowledge necessary to lead her to a career where she run her own business that specializes in information and software technology.

Her passion for technology and all of its capabilities is similar to mine. I want to be in a position like hers sometime in the near future where I will love coming to work and overseeing a large media company just like her. The steps that she has taken have been a life-long journey. Taking classes that pertained to her desired field and working a job where she gained experience are all steps that I am trying take in order to reach my dreams.

I know through faith, hard work, a vision, and persistence, that I will continue to climb the ladder to success and when times look bleak and tough, I can look at DeAnna Davidson as a role-model who has hasn’t gave up and achieved their goals, providing me with the courage to keep on striving to do the best I can. What’s your passion in life and how are you working to build on it?