Friday, January 6, 2012

Starting Over

Sometimes, people find their calling in life later than others. For Kalyn Johnson, this happens to be the case. Kalyn Johnson is an urban professional that became an entrepreneur at a time in life when many people are already established in their careers. Being successful but not completely satisfied with her job in the legal profession, Johnson decided to pursue something that she truly had the passion and energy to do. This new career would lead her to the fashion industry where her talent for fashion can excel and be recognized. Unlike her previous career in law where she had more than ten years of experience, this new foray into the world of fashion was something quite different than she had been accustomed to. However, in time, Kalyn Johnson became proficient and successful in this industry as well.
She had timing on her side as well when she chose to enter in to a new business as she did it just before the recession hit that we are still dealing with today.

It is good to hear of success stories like that of Kalyn Johnson today when oftentimes all we seem to hear is the failures and hardships people face as a result of the staggering economy. I applaud Mrs. Johnson for her dedication and perseverance in times of adversity when it has become so easy to give up and quit what people enjoy doing because of the economic reality. I think we can all learn a thing or two about finding out what it is that really love to do and making it not just a hobby or interest of ours but an occupation and a dream job. Urban professionals are people young and old, and are steadfast in their pursuit to be the best at what they do. Kalyn Johnson is an example of this. Her work has been recognized for its excellence, as she has done some work for CNN and other clients.

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