Thursday, October 27, 2011

A New Brand

The Dangerous Negro label is a fresh concept to hit the world of fashion. With its uplifting and powerful messages that are inspired from popular culture, Dangerous Negro has struck a chord of empowerment for African Americans. The messages, images, and graphics on the clothing are different from the mainstream clothing of today. The trend in fashion now is “sexy” whereas Dangerous Negro is “smart”. Instead of making clothing that is belittling or degrading, like so many brands manufacture, Dangerous Negro makes clothing that incorporate positive messages and are thought provoking. This is a welcome sight in African American fashion where far too often the clothes worn depict negative images and there is a negative connotation associated with African Americans. Demetrius Walker, the founder of Dangerous Negro, has excelled in an area where many try, but few make it and truly flourish. Walker has embodied the essence of what it means to be an urban professional. He is young, fresh, gifted, innovative, passionate, driven, and unique. All of these elements add up to a successful entrepreneur.

When there are so many clothing labels in the fashion market and so many negative things in the public in general, it is refreshing to see the success that Dangerous Negro is enjoying. With the world in a time of economic hardship, and the United States of America in particular, Demetrius Walker has been able to keep Dangerous Negro financially successful and are currently in the process of growing the organization to include other ventures such as a record label to become more than just fashion. In addition to being the force behind Dangerous Negro, Demetrius Walker uses his success and accomplishments to talk to young African Americans about his life and the opportunities that are waiting for them if they go out and work for them.

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